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eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online game , social networking and strategy web browser game developed by eRepublik Labs which launched on October 21, 2008 and is accessible via the Internet. The game is set in a mirror world (called the New World) where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics, set economic policy, start businesses and wage wars with other countries.

eRepublik combines both social networking and strategy into a single massively multiplayer online game where players can participate in a variety of activities.Citizens of the New World can be employees, own businesses, form political parties, vote in elections, become party presidents, members of Congress or country presidents, write newspaper articles and even go to war as citizens of virtual versions of real life countries. 

Upon joining, a citizen picks which virtual country he wishes to join. Each of these countries is named after an actual country in the real world, and is located similarly. The citizen then seeks employment at a company within that country, and is allowed the opportunity to train as a soldier for that country. Training, and working at a company is done on a daily basis by a simple click of two buttons. One of the main drawing points of the website is that it takes a mere "14 minutes a day" to participate

AlliancesNations may spend gold on mutual protection pacts with other nations, and from the beginning of eRepublik this has resulted in the growth of alliances: groups of nations that, through similar geographic positioning or ideology, come together and fight common enemies. In eRepublik's beta period, these alliances were mostly regional; the Northern Alliance consisted of northern and eastern Europe including Norwegian-subjugated Russia, the Mediterranean Alliance was an alliance of nations bordering its namesake sea, the Pan American Alliance (called PANAM) featured nations of the Americas, and the Formidable International Security Treaty (FIST) comprised Asia, including Pakistan.

As the beta came to a close, these regional alliances coalesced into two superalliances. ATLANTIS rose from the ashes of PANAM and the Northern Alliance, and the PEACE Global Community combined the Mediterranean Alliance and FIST. These two alliances clashed in what became the first World War of eRepublik. PEACE ultimately defeated ATLANTIS, which dissolved in May 2009; following its end an alliance named EDEN was quickly formed including most of the former ATLANTIS members and some previously neutral nations. In August 2009, PEACE became the first alliance in the game's history to last an entire year. That December, PEACE dissolved and two new alliances sprouted, Phoenix and the Entente.

Currently, there are five alliances in the New World, with the two most powerful being EDEN (their top five being Poland, Spain, Croatia, Romania and Greece) and Phoenix(their top five being Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia). The others are the Sol alliance (made up of Bolivia, China, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore, Thailand and the Phillipines), the Entente (made up of France, Italy, Ukraine and Paraguay) and the Brolliance[(whose members are the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Ireland).

What is eRepublik?
eRepublik is about changing the course of history in a huge virtual society. As a citizen in this New World of 322,104 you have the power to make a difference and fulfill your economic, political or military goals like never possible before.

Think you can do better?Lead your citizens to prosperity as a country president or control the market as a rich company manager. With over 61 countries, 60,067 businesses, and varied country resources, your strategy and know-how can take you to the top.

Fight for your country
Diplomacy helps, but when it comes to war you will need to get a weapon and defend your country's borders - or expand them. From showing your patriotism to being a mercenary, the future of the New World is in your hands.

Become influential with the power of your words, win others over with your ideas, or interview celebrities - the choice is yours. By starting your own newspaper and networking with your fellow citizens the impact of your voice is up to you


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